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Suzhou Mingzhi Technology Co.,Ltd

Mingzhi Technology has been specialized in the R&D of foundry equipment since 1999. It keeps providing top-notch core making equipment and professional services to world-class foundry enterprises. Mingzhi expanded its business into aluminum casting industry in 2003, and has been providing gravity die castings to top-ranked international companies since then. Mingzhi registered a new company named Mingzhi Technology Leipzig in Dec.,2017 and lead into advanced foundry equipment technology. The Chinese – Germany team continuously upgrades the design and manufacturing capabilities of the company to provide better products and services for global users.

Add: No.1999 West Tongxiao Road, Tongli Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou.

Fully automatic cold/ hot/ inorganic process core making equipment and core center





Mingzhi Technology is a leading producer of high-end core shop equipment. From our facilities in China and Europe, we design, develop and produce core shop solutions to include: a wide range of core shooters for various processes (cold box, hot box, inorganic) Co2 and SO2 process gassing units, sand preparation equipment, core handling equipment, core package solutions using precision sand casting technology, core-boxes and tooling. Our comprehensive solutions offer superior value to our customers worldwide with their unique core production requirements. Cylinder block core center in an iron foundry producing 60 sets per hour Core package production line in an aluminum precision sand casting foundry producing 55 packages per hour


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