Metal+Metallurgy (Thailand) 2019

Exhibition profile

Metal+Metallurgy (Thailand) 2019


Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China


China Foundry Association


Metallurgical Council of CCPIT

Industrial Furnace Institution of CMES

Thai Foundry Association


Beijing Zhongzhu Century Exhibition Co., Ltd.


BRICS Foundry Association

Foundry Working Committee of “Belt and Road” Industrial and Commercial Associations Alliance

The Institute of Indian Foundrymen

Japan Foundry Society

Korean Foundry Society

Federation of Malaysian Foundry & Engineering Industries Associations

Indonesian Foundry Industries Association

Vietnam Foundry and Metallurgy Science and Technology Association

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Thai Beijing Chamber of Commerce

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Suzhou Die Casting Technology Association

Shanghai Die Casting Technology Association

Sichuan province Foundry Association


Media Supporters:

Global Casting(德国、美国、中国)  

Foundry Planet(德国)   

Modern Casting(美)   

Foundry Trade Journal(英国)

Journal of Japan Foundry Engineering Society(日)

Metal Spain(西班牙)  

Metal Casting Technologies (澳大利亚)

Minerals & Metals Review(印度)   


Foundry Gate (巴西)   


Exhibition date: Sep. 18-20, 2019

Venue: Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC)

To be held annually

Concurrent conferences:  

  • Founding meeting for Asia Foundry Association
  • Meeting of national foundry associations’ secretary generals
  • Raw and auxiliary materials forum
  • Foundry equipment forum
  • Technical seminars, promotions and press conferences
  • Sino-Thai entrepreneurs' exchanges
  • Southeast Asian buyers matchmaking conference

Exhibition profile:

There are 5 major themes of the Metal+Metallurgy Thailand exhibition: Foundry, Die-casting, Metallurgy, Industrial Furnace and Intelligent Manufacturing. The exhibition is aiming to create a professional event in the field of metal processing and intelligent manufacturing in Southeast Asia. During the exhibition, there will be a series of forums, technology release and promotion, China-Thailand entrepreneur’s communication, Casting Sourcing Fair and other attractive supporting activities, which will attract exhibitors and trade visitors from Thailand and neighboring countries and even the entire Southeast Asia.

Chinese foundry industry has experienced decades of rapid development, product quality has been steadily improved and process technology gradually matured. It is now undergoing a process of transformation and upgrading. With the coordinated development of the global foundry industry, and with the help of "Belt and Road" initiative, it’s time to carry out project cooperation with Southeast Asian countries. The steady development of Southeast Asian countries and huge investment potential give rise to the potential demand of metal industry. Based on Southeast Asia, taking advantage of the opportunity of Thailand industry 4.0, Metal+Metallurgy Thailand will play its comparative advantage to seize the Thailand market, build a comprehensive trade platform for all aspects of metal industry, and achieve win-win cooperation.

After two years of preparation, based on the development of the industry, holding the pulse of the times, carrying out in-depth analysis of Southeast Asia and even the entire Asia-Pacific market, it is a good opportunity for foundry enterprises to exchange technology, expand markets, and realize win-win cooperation. Meanwhile, the exhibition has been included in the list of "Belt and Road" key projects of Ministry of Commerce, China.

  • 参展展品范围:

铸造       Foundry

· 铸件          Castings

· 铸造设备    Foundry equipments

· 铸造材料   Foundry materials

· 铸造用模具   Foundry moulds and Patterns

· 铸造用工装、夹具   Foundry jigs and fixtures

· 铸件加工机床设备   Casting machine tool equipment

· 自动化配套及周边设备  Automation equipments and peripheral equipments

· 环保装备   Environmental protection equipment

· 清洁生产及废物处理   Clean production and waste treatment

· 安全操作与环境   Safe operation and environment

· 铸造技术   Foundry technology

· 计算机应用  Computer applications

· 铸造专用机器人   Special robots for foundry

· 节能技术与装备   Energy-saving technology and equipment

· 其他相关   Others about casting


压铸 Die casting

· 压铸件  Die casting

· 压铸机  Die casting machine

· 压铸机周边设备  Ancillary equipment

· 压铸合金及辅助材料  Alloy and auxiliary material

· 压铸岛及专用机器人  Die casting island and robots

· 压铸件后处理设备  Post treatment equipment

· 压铸模具及工装夹具  Die and Tooling & fixture

· 重力铸造技术与设  Gravity casting Technology and equipment

· 低压铸技术与设  Low pressure casting Technology and equipment

· 差压、挤压及半固态铸造技术与装备  Differential pressure,extrusion and semisolid casting technology and equipment

· 其他相关   Others about die casting


冶金  Metallurgy

· 加工原料与原材料生产设备  Plant and equipment for processing prime and raw material

· 炼铁、钢生产设备  Plant and equipment for iron making and steel making

· 有色金属生产设备  Plant and equipment for non-ferrous metals production

· 浇注设备  Pouring of molten steel

· 钢铁产品、铁合金、耐火材料  Steel products, products of non ferrous metals, ferroalloy, refractory materials

· 其他相关   Others about metallurgy


工业炉  Industrial Furnace


· 各种不同的先进有效节能和保护环境的工业炉Various advanced efficient energy saving and environmental protection furnaces

· 用于工业炉的耐火和隔热材料Refractory and insulation material for furnaces

· 废弃物余热回收设备Waste heat recovery equipment

· 炉子辅助设备Furnace auxiliary equipment

· 炉子仪表和自动控制系统Furnace instrument and automatic control system

· 其他相关   Others about industrial furnace





·机床及金属加工  Machine tools and metal processing

·智能测控部件  Intelligent Measurement and Control System and Components

·机器人及工业自动化Robot and Industrial Automation

·智能专用装备  Intelligent special equipment

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