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LANSON focuses on the refined design of die-casting equipment, advanced technique, through continuous technological innovation, to improve the stability and operational efficiency of the equipment.

Such as the column system: the machine hinge adopts four-hook structure + hinge widening design, which makes the moving plate more balanced when clamping, effectively reduces the risk of wasting materials; innovative overall box template, with template thickening type,the design can effectively improve the strength of the template and prolong the service life of the template. The length of the guiding section of the middle plate (patented technology) can effectively improve the stability of the clamping.

Injection system: using the energy storage capacity plus large design, strengthens the injection performance, reduce the system pressure drop, and configure the coarser injection system tubing, the flow capacity is stronger, the response is fast.

Frame system: The frame adopts annealing process + double-strength balance structure, and the frame is reasonable in force and more stable and reliable.

Hydraulic system: LS series models have higher integration, fewer pipelines, lower oil leakage probability, and higher machine start-up rate; the pipeline is designed with a large number of hoses, which can effectively absorb vibration and reduce machine failure rate.


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