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Chinese Intelligent Giants will Shine in MM Thailand

Metal+Metallurgy Thailand 2019, hosted by China Foundry Association, will be held from September 18-20, BITEC, Bangkok. "Intelligent foundry" will be the hot topic to attract the attention of the industry. Including Zhejiang Wanfeng, Shandong Kaitai, a number of advanced model enterprises will bring their latest equipments to the show and look for new opportunities.

“Intelligent+” was first written into the government work report of China in 2019, and the opportunities to actively use artificial intelligence technology to promote high-quality development of the manufacturing industry is growing. As an important cornerstone of advanced manufacturing, "Intelligent+" will replace "Internet+" and become the new driving force for traditional industry to adjust structure, transfer mode, and change kinetic energy in the process of promoting Chinese manufacturing to high-quality development.

Under the background of "Intelligent+" that is continually catalyzing the qualitative leap of economic pattern, the era of industrial robots is gradually approaching, and the influence of "Industry 4.0" and "machine replaces human" is accelerating the pace of entering the era of intelligent economy!

In the field of foundry, as a leading domestic and internationally advanced supplier of industrial automation equipment systems, Wanfeng Technology actively implements the “Made in China 2025” strategy, focusing on R&D of cutting-edge technologies and future product in advanced manufacturing area. With robots and its application as the core, it has continuously improved the ability of independent innovation, fostered and incubated intelligent manufacturing industries such as 3D printing, strengthened the research of core equipment and high-end products in accordance with the market and industrial development needs, constantly promoting the intelligent equipment for non-ferrous casting to higher value-added direction.

In the field of production, Wanfeng’s intelligent equipments mainly cover the industrial robots, low-pressure (differential pressure, gravity) casting machines, integrated system of industrial furnaces and foundry automation, and there are more than 10 models of industrial robots ranging from 6kg-400kg.

At present, its low-pressure (differential pressure, gravity) casting machines has replaced the imported, and now they are becoming the preferred brand of customers in the United States, France, Russia, India, etc..

Besides, Wanfeng Technology is the main drafter of several national and industry standards in China.

With "China's resources linking the global development power", Wanfeng Technology will bring the most attractive products and technologies to shine in Metal+Metallurgy Thailand, Sep. 2019!

With well-established industrial base, cost advantages in human and land, political stability, sustainable economic development trend, continual advancement in infrastructure construction, Thailand and the Southeast Asian market have obtained the popularity among Chinese foundry companies.

"Small occupation, compact structure, automatic and easy operation, overall transportation, use on delivery", as one of the first batch of little giant enterprises, Shandong Kaitai's all-in-one machine has been displayed at China International Foundry Expo (METAL CHINA). With the world leading intelligent metal surface shot blasting technology solutions, Shandong Kaitai equipments are distributed in more than 60 countries and regions around the world. “Kaitai Blue” is emerging in a large area in the international industry...

"Little giant enterprise" can also leverage "big industry". Shandong Kaitai focuses on the metal surface treatment industry and the global market. It will continually carry out the aim of high-end, simpler and smarter with its latest research achievements! The representatives from Kaitai are looking forward to meeting you on Sep. 18-20, Bangkok!

There are fewer booths available now. Metal+Metallurgy Thailand 2019 is expecting your participation! Don’t miss the chance!

Booth Rate


Unite Price

Raw Space

RMB 3300/m2

Min.18 m2

Standard Booth

RMB 33000/9 m2



  1. An extra charge of 10% will be required for double open standard booth;
  2. Every 9 square meters of a standard booth is entitled to enjoy government subsidies of RMB 10,000 (RMB 2,300/square meter for raw space of indoor booths after the subsidy; RMB 23,000/9 square meters for indoor standard booths after the subsidy);
  3. Each exhibitor is entitled to enjoy subsidy for 1 cubic meter of freight transporting to the exhibition.



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