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Less than 60 days! Metal+Metallurgy Thailand is in full swing

There are less than 60 days till the opening of Metal+Metallurgy Thailand! At present, the preparations for the exhibition are in full swing: invitations, promotion, event planning, etc., with very positive progresses.


We sincerely invite foundries and suppliers to take part in the industry's ultra-luxury "cruise ship" at the helm of China Foundry Association, and open the vast blue ocean in the field of metal casting together in Bangkok, Thailand!


Wonderful supporting programs to discuss for the future

Focusing on economic factors such as products, technology, talents, capital, etc., a number of industry supporting programs will be held concurrently, including the establishment of Asia Foundry Association, the work conference of China National Local Foundry Associations, Raw and Auxiliary Materials Forum, Foundry Equipment Forum, Product Release Conferences, Technology Seminars, Sino-Thai Entrepreneurs Matchmaking Conference, Southeast Asian Buyers Matchmaking Conference, etc., building an authoritative platform for communication, trade and promotion, playing the main theme of green and intelligent foundry in the collision between traditional and cutting-edge wisdom!

Exhibition promotes Trade

Build the industry services ecosystem with the most vitality

Promote the effective accumulation of industry resources and focus on building a healthy ecosystem of green, environmental protection, intelligent and sustainable development.

Focusing on the factor of talent, driving development through innovation, promoting the matching between government and enterprises as well as the rational development and effective use of industry talents.

Expanding the international business

Sharing development achievements

Over the past 30 years, China Foundry Association has accumulated a wealth of industry resources. With continuous implementation of the “Belt and Road” initiative, the international capacity cooperation network has been expanded and has become a powerful engine to drive cooperation between Chinese and foreign companies. Metal and Metallurgy Thailand has received strong support and responses from dozens of domestic and overseas industry associations. Entering Thailand, the creative vitality of Chinese foundry industry will once again be stimulated, and the pace of transformation and upgrading will grow faster.

By then, the world quality resources will gather in Bangkok to jointly create an industry big event in the field of metal processing and intelligent manufacturing in Southeast Asia. At present, the exhibition organization is in full swing. Leading enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, little giant enterprises and newly rising companies in the industry will all participate in the exhibition in Bangkok, Sep.

New landmark • New labels

Cutting-edge Technologies

International communication

Achievements Sharing

Complementary advantages

The platform with high-quality resources from the whole industry, which is built by China Foundry Association, will create a large development space for foundry industry both in China and the other parts of the world!

Are you ready?


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